Health Assessments

Health assessments in North Lakes are comprehensive evaluations of your health. They encompass a range of tests, measurements, and screenings that provide valuable insights into your current health status. Our General Practitioners (GPs) perform health checks and conduct thorough health evaluations for all patients. This includes an assessment of both physical and psychological well-being. Health assessments are advisable when you reach a specific age or your risk for certain medical conditions reaches a particular threshold. The primary objective of these assessments is to kickstart preventive healthcare measures or medical interventions when deemed necessary.

Health Assessments North Lakes

A comprehensive health assessment is designed for individuals aged 75 years and beyond. It is a thorough examination performed annually to identify and address health concerns. The primary objective is to proactively detect any preventable health issues and manage existing conditions. Our aim is to enhance overall well-being and elevate quality of life.

A health assessment tailored for individuals between the ages of 45 and 49 can proactively identify potential risk factors for chronic diseases. This age range is pivotal because it often marks the onset of health concerns in many individuals. Our primary objective is to pinpoint and mitigate any potential risk factors associated with chronic diseases. Together we can implement proactive measures to prevent or delay the onset of these health issues.

At My Gp North Lakes, we also provide health assessments for people with an intellectual disability. We endeavour to provide the best care for individuals with intellectual disabilities, enabling them to lead healthier, happier lives. Our goal is to identify health concerns promptly, allowing for timely intervention and preventing minor issues from escalating. Health assessments empower individuals with intellectual disabilities and their caregivers with valuable information for the best possible care.